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Collection: 4th of July Weekend Pie Ordering!

Please review before ordering!  You will not receive further instructions about pick up via email, it's all right here.  :)

This menu is for 4th of July weekend preorders. 

YOU CAN NOW ORDER PIES FRESH BAKED OR FROZEN AND READY TO BAKE (not cheesecake)!  Please note that you want frozen your order comment section!

Please make sure you chose the location you prefer from the options on the item page while ordering.

Make a note of the selected pick up date in the comments section if you are picking up at the farm.  Add any special requests to that same section please!

Here are the pick up options for this ordering period, please ignore the "ready in a 2-4 days on the product pages, shopify can't currently remove this note:

Doylestown Farmers Market Saturday July 2nd 8-1p

Pie Bird Farm Friday July 1st from 3-6p or Saturday July 2nd 9-12p  (PLEASE BE SURE TO NOTE WHICH DAY YOU WANT TO PICK UP)

10 products
  • Cheesecake Pie with fruit and filling options!
  • Summer Berry Lattice Pie
  • Custom Pie Board
  • Peach Pie
  • Mixed Berry Crumb Pie
  • Apple Lattice Pie
  • Organic Whipped Cream
  • Herb and Philly Fromage Quiche
  • Mushroom Galette
  • 4 pack of handpies