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Cancellation, Refund, & "Forgotten Order" Policies

By placing a pie, you consent to our cancellation, refund, & "forgotten order" policies. Please read through and make sure you understand these procedures before placing an order. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy:

Things happen! If you need to cancel your pre-order, we ask for a minimum of 1 week advance notice. Holidays and special events require 2 weeks notice for cancellations. If you cancel within the appropriate time frame, we will issue you a full refund for your order 🎉

Same-day and last-minute cancellations: We are not able to issue refunds for orders cancelled on the same day or with less than 1 week's notice (2 weeks for holidays). By that point, we have already ordered the ingredients and have begun to prepare your order, and are not able to issue a refund.

"Forgotten Order" Policy - "Oh No, I Forgot To Pick Up My Pie!":

This "forgotten order" policy applies to same-day orders as well as pre-orders.

Unfortunately, we do have situations where customers forget to pick up their orders. We will *always* try to contact you if your order is still at the shop when we get close to closing time or before the end of market.

If we are unable to reach you before we close, your order will be either donated OR we will discard it. We do not freeze, save, or otherwise store pies or pastries - all of our items are baked fresh daily, and we do not use any preservatives in our recipes.

Especially at the holidays, space is at a premium at the farm, bakehouse and shop.  We are still tiny. During busy holiday times, orders will either be donated or disposed of at the end of the day.

We do not have the space to store orders beyond their designated pickup date, please make arrangements to be sure you or someone you trust with pie :) picks up when you are scheduled.  Thank you for understanding!

We are NOT able to issue refunds for forgotten orders.

The "spirit" of our forgotten order policy:  Once you place an order with us and we make your items or set them aside for you, they reserved for YOU! We aren't going to sell them to anyone else - so if we end up having to throw your pie/pastries/items away or donate them at the end of the day due to a forgotten order, then that is a loss for us...thus, we cannot issue a refund. Thanks for your understanding 💛

Special note about the holidays: Please understand that our team works round-the-clock, very long hours at the holiday times and this year we will take the learnings of last year to ensure that all pies are ready and waiting for you ontime and ready to go!  We are not able to stay late past closing time to meet you, or come back to the shop later, or deliver your order if you forget to pick it up. As much as we always want to do anything to make you happy, we want to make sure our team gets home to their families to celebrate the holidays! Thank you for understanding 💖

Refund Policy:

We will issue a full refund for orders cancelled with a minimum of 1-week advance notice (2 weeks for major holidays). We are not able to issue refunds for orders cancelled outside these timeframes.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation with these policies!  We so appreciate you!