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Ceramic Pie Weights

Ceramic Pie Weights

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The perfect home-made pie requires the perfect crust. Sometimes to get it just right, that means "blind" baking. If you are new to the art of crafting delicious, mouth watering pie, then here are a few tips that we've found helpful.  So what's "blind" baking all about? To "blind" bake a pie crust means to pre-bake it naked, without any of its delicious filling. You may choose to "blind" bake your crust if the filling is not baked, say a yummy cooked custard filling, or a filling that sets when its chilled. Or just maybe your fruit filling is an especially juicy one, and you want to give the crust just a little head start on crisping up before adding all the good stuff.

So why the pie weights? This is where our American-made, ceramic pie weights become the behind-the-scenes hero and save dessert. And trust us on this one, dessert MUST be saved! Pie weights prevent the blind baked crust from bubbling up and shrinking as it cooks. They "weigh" down the dough so that it holds its shape and stays firmly nestled against the plate, just where you put it before popping it in the oven.

To Use: Simple place a piece of parchment paper over your unbaked pie crust, and fill up the dish with our all natural clay beads to hold the crust in place. Place the loaded dish in the oven until your crust has cooked to perfection. Once cooked, remove the ceramic bead pie weights and allow the crust to cool before filling it with all the good stuff.

A few reasons why we think you'll fall in love with American made pie weights....

- They're beautiful, and made right here in America. We believe in baking beautiful, so we make sure each of one our bead pie weights is unique. Each bead has slight variations in size, shape and color. Each bead measures about 1/2 in diameter.

-They're all natural. Our pie weights are made from fine grinds of 100%, non toxic, locally sourced American stoneware clays and are high fired to over 2200 degrees F. That's fiery hot, so you can make sure they are fully vitrified, which means they won't soak up water and oils and become rancid over time.

-Heat uniformity. Ceramics have been used for centuries in baking to achieve even and uniform heating. Our ceramic beads will help you bake your blind crust even and uniform each and every time, making sure your pies are every bit as delicious as they are beautiful.

-Easy to use. Because we take the time and care to make sure our weights are fully cooked all the way through, they are easy to use and to keep clean. When finished baking, simply wash the beads with warm soapy water and let dry on a clean cloth before storing them in our reusable, breathable, cotton mesh draw-string bag.

-Plenty of weights to go around. When it comes to pie, there's simply no reason to skimp. Its always better to have a few extra so we provide a full 2.4 lbs of ceramic beads in each bag. That's ample for baking one 9'' pie or two 7'' pies.

-We are all about gathering around the table, and taking back mealtime. We're all about making and sharing some home-made home-cooked deliciousness. And.....We're definetly all about Dessert! So here's to your next slice of dessert heaven, the classic grand finale, a wonderful slice of Pie!
-Please note: Because this item is handmade, colors may vary slightly.
*Just a reminder to keep your new pie weights away from the little ones. Like anything small, pie weights may pose a choking hazard for infants